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30 Oct 2018

Over 300 000 tons fo MSWI bottom ash for reuse

According to Suomen Erikoisjäte Oy there are lots of utility utilization opportunities for the remaining MSWI bottom ash. This material consisting of glass, metals, ceramics, stone, brick, concrete, ash, and melting products, is handled with ADR dry separation equipment with special waste from Finland.

"We have been handling MSWI bottom ash since 2013 with our customers in Ilmajoki, Espoo, Tampere and Northern Sweden in Boden. Now the processing volume has exceeded 300,000 tons, "says COO Riina Rantsi with satisfaction. "It is important to treat the MSWI bottom ash as well as possible so that it does not end up in landfill sites. With our advanced ADR dry separation technology, the valuable metals are recovered more efficiently. The resulting mineral substance, the Scanwas manufactured aggregate, is a high quality material to replace virgin raw materials, for example in road structures or concrete products", Rantsi continues.