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ADR dry separation technology

Advanced treatment technology

Our company is the first one to introduce Advanced Dry Recovery (ADR) dry separation technology into the market in Finland and other Nordic countries. This technology is developed and patented in the Netherlands, and it is specifically designed for bottom ash generated from plants using grate desing for waste combustion. Compared to the conventional dry separation technologies, this installation enables a significantly more efficient treatment of municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) bottom ash.

The most advanced ADR dry separation technology in the market is not only used in the Nordic countries and the Netherlands but also in the North America, Germany, Singapore, and Great Britain. Worldwide, it is used to treat up to 5 million tonnes of MSWI bottom ash annually.

The benefit of the ADR dry separation technology is the more efficient recovery of valuable metals. This is because the installation efficiently separates the sticky and moist mineral fraction surrounding the coarser bottom ash particles, and then even the smallest particles of metals can be recovered. This method does not require bottom ash aging; only the largest metal pieces must be screened. And no waste water is generated, since no fluids are used in the treatment.

Due to the ADR dry separation technology, treated MSWI bottom ash can be utilized for other purposes as well, instead of using them only in the structures of waste treatment centres. The ADR installation efficiently separates the moist mineral fraction surrounding bottom ash particles. As a result, the valuable metals can be recycled as raw materials for the metal industry and the minerals can be utilized in, for example, road construction and concrete products.

Treatment process